Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plants in the dirt!

I always feel better once I get my plants in the ground. Last night Shannon and I planted our tomatoes; and a few other things. After the loss of our dog we have been spending more time in the garden. It has helped us to keep our minds off our loss as well as allowed us to talk about it - kind of strange we can do both things at the same time. I think the best thing we can do is spend time together and planting things helps. Shannon usually doesn't spend much time with the vegetables but I know it's very hard for her to be alone in the house right now. Any time we spend together right now just helps us work through our grief.

We planted:
Pineapple, Beam's Yellow Pear, Brandywine (Sudduth's), Hillbilly Potato Leaf, German Pink, Gold Medal, Federle, Old German, & Big Mama Hybrid tomatoes.

We also planted:
Tomatillos, Pac Choi, Cauliflower - Cheddar, Cauliflower - Graffiti Hybrid, Cauliflower - Rosalind.

Sunday we planted onions and some seeds:
Onions - Red Hamburger, and a white and yellow variety we picked up as plants from our local Earl May garden center. I like to plant the starts that are skinny and maybe 4-6 inches long and wrapped together in bundles of maybe 50 or 75 plants. They work great in the square foot garden.

As for seeds we went with:
Radishes - French Breakfast - Burpees
Lima Beans - Fordhook No. 242 and Henderson Bush - Burpees and American Seed
Spinach - Avon Hybrid and Baby's Leaf hybrid - both from Burpee
Arugula - Rocket - Burpee
Popcorn - Japanese White Hull-Less - Gurney's

I also planted some cucumbers - Straight 8 from an old packet I had, and Diva from Park Seeds. I also want to plant one more variety, Fanfare from NK seeds. They were in my pocket but I forgot to plant them...oops.

Whew! My back is sore just typing this!

Next up - the Peppers! The plan is to put them in the dirt this weekend. I also have a couple of Okra plants that I have not yet figured where to plant.

Next up...flowers!

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DP Nguyen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pet. All the vegetables that you've planted sound really great. cucumbers did very well for us last year. Good luck with yours!